Affordable Snack haul

Hello there! Yes, I know I've been gone for a while. Gone so long that I almost forgot how to create a post. I apologize for my absence and pray that you are still with me. Let's jump right in!

Today's post is going to be fairly short since I'm sharing a small haul. I have several food intolerances (dairy, gluten, potatoes, processed sugar) so at the beginning I was fairly frustrated with having to read every label and each item I bought. Since it's been a few years I know what I like and can have from a variety of places. I'm still looking to expand my options of course. I visited Trader Joe's  on a tight budget and all of my items came in under $25 which I think is great; especially because eating with the intolerances gets quite expensive. 

I bought 4 chomps. These are paleo approved and grass fed beef. No weird ingredients. Next are 4 RX bars. Yes, I said 4.....I ate 1 before taking the picture. Forgive me haha. Anyway they offer several flavors, but I prefer the coconut chocolate and the chocolate sea salt. Next are the pumpkin tortilla chips. These are a nice quick snack. Last but certainly not least are these baby bananas. For me these are a perfect sweet treat and for only $1.99! Yes and thank you!! As you can see from the receipt, my total was $23.25.

Well that's all for today!


Love you all and God bless

Spring Thrift Haul


What better way to start the week than with a thrift haul?! Everything was purchased at Diversity Thrift in Richmond.  Enjoy peeking in on my finds!


Tried to catch the detail on this flowy white dress but not sure if I was able to capture it with the lighting.

Like the extra details in the back. The navy and coral compliment each other so well.

Love the boho feel!

Love the boho feel!

I found some shorts that weren't low rise and cut too short! Perfect fit

I found some shorts that weren't low rise and cut too short! Perfect fit